You Earn Money

   Dear you, if you love “custom made” dresses and want to earn some money at the same time, please read the following passages. I am eager to have some partners :)

   Here are 4 ways now. If you get any other great idea for a better cooperation, feel free to share it with me.

1.Drop Shipping

   You can open an online shop like on Ebay/Amazon, or establish a website, or even run a real store. It would be great if you have already had one of them.

1)   You can use the photos/styles on my website.

2)   Once you sell a dress, you just need to resend me the color/size/address information. Then I will handle the rest thing, and make sure your customer can get her dress in high quality on time.

   All my dresses are priced at very low prices. For a $89 dress, you can sell it much higher, like around $150. The dress will still meet your customers’ expectation because of its high quality. And I will certainly offer you some amazing discount when we become partners.


2.Ask for a Coupon Code

   Once you ask, I will make a coupon code especially for you. I don’t offer coupon code to my customers directly, because I priced each dress very reasonable. When you get your code, you can share the “coupon code” and my site “” on your Facebook, Twitter and so on…

   When the code is used once (no matter who used it), you can get $10 rewards. When it is used 10 times altogether, you can get $100($10*10) with an extra reward, choosing any dress you like, I will make it for you FOR FREE.


3.Share the Links

   It’s simple. When you see a beautiful dress on my website, you can share the photos and its link to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram…

1 Link---------------------$10

2 Links--------------------$20

3 Links--------------------$30

4 Links--------------------$40

X Links--------------------$10*X

Note: I need to make it clear that, the money earned in “Way 3” won’t be paid to your bank card. The money is only valid for buying dresses. And you can only use no more than $30 in one order. But you can still save a lot of money in this way :)


4.Be my Model

   I am sure each of you has many beautiful photos of yourself in a perfect dress. If you will, share a beautiful photo with me and allow me to upload it on my website. Once it’s done, you can get a free dress. What’s more, you can get $10 rewards when the listing is sold once, because you’re my model and we’ve become partners.


5.Ask for a Sample Dress

   You can choose any dress you like and order it in your sizes and your favorite color. Once you get the dress, pls take some photos with wearing it on. Then pls share the photos and your coupon code on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram…

   When the code is used once (no matter who used it), you can get $10 rewards.

two times---------------------$20

three times---------------------$30

four times---------------------$40

five times---------------------I will refund all your expense on this dress, like: you spent $159+$25, you can get all $184 back.


   That’s all for now :)


   Jan. 1st, 2015